who am i?

In college, I struggled heavily with the question of ‘Who am I?’ I remember telling friends, ‘I just need to find myself.’ Thinking that I needed a trip to ‘get away’ from my college life to think and discover myself. I even went as far as figuring out how to do a road trip to Montana to be in the mountains and ‘find myself.’

What a complete load of crap.

What naive college student thinks that the solution was in running away. I did discover that time helps you see the solution is really in just being still and breathing. And ultimately for me…the solution lay in this crazy fella named Jesus.

As soon as I bought into the whole radical Jesus talk…who dies on a cross? It’s kinda extreme…my life was never the same.

I laughed more.

I loved my family more.

I wanted stronger community.

I believed in the promise of a future.

I put my trust in a life beyond this world.

I fought with purpose instead of selfishness.

I became the person God created me to be, and it changed me from the inside out.

As I began 2013, I decided that I needed make some statements that would continue to define not only who I am, but essentially how I make life choices. Something to point back to and say that doesn’t fit…it’s not what God wants of me and it takes me off course. I also needed some ways to define how others saw me, and how I saw myself through critiques from others. Here are some examples:

I believe God has built us to be in community with each other. [Genesis 2:18]

I choose to represent God’s laughter. [Romans 15:13]

I believe in an active and alive Holy Spirit. [John 14:16, 26]

I am ultimately held accountable by God alone. [Acts 5:38-39]

I believe in the passion God has given me for orphans, and to see His justice in this world. [Isaiah 58, James 1:27 & Micah 6:8]

I gracefully and obediently follow my God to our neighbors, our country, places that make me uncomfortable and outside of our borders. [Acts 1:8]

I believe God desires for each one of us to live SENT, and minister with compassion and truth. [Luke 10:1-11; Ephesians 4:32]

I believe in God’s power to transform. [Acts 9:1-9]

I believe we are all called to embody the universal reign of God through Christ. [Revelation 11:15]

I believe in God’s Kingdom renewed and restored. [Revelation 21:3-5]

There is not a single day I regret choosing Christ. There is not a single day that I wish I were different. If anything I wish I’d figured it out sooner. I am forever grateful for the undeserved grace from a radical self-proclaimed rabbi, and the life He has called me to live serving others.


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