God. Jesus. Holy Spirit.

The Trinity.

I love God. Jesus is my friend. But honestly, Spirit is the one I feel closest to most of the time.

How could you not? Jesus repeatedly said, hey ya’ll I’m leaving…but I’m leaving something behind for you. And it will be something that is so fluid, yet transparent and so powerful.

Comforter. Counselor. Sender. Translator. Truth. Guide.

When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own but will tell you what he has heard. He will tell you about the future. [John 16:13]

I will never forget the first time I read Acts. The spirit flowed so freely for them…how could that piece be missing now? In Acts 13, not only do they hear the spirit say to send out Barnabas and Paul…the end of the chapter finds them shaking the dust from their feet while they left in protest, ‘And the disciples were filled with joy and the Holy Spirit.’

The Spirit still flows just as freely, we just choose to ignore it most of the time. We take those memories of the ‘time that I felt the closest’ to God and convince ourselves that is the way it has to happen to feel that close again. But when that moment happens once a year, or once every 2 years…why on earth would we bind the Spirit from moving in us that way? Stop putting limits on God. God is limitless yet in our humanness we decide how he interacts with us. How completely backwards is that?!?!

How are your instincts…do you truly think they are all yours? Have you ever wondered that there was something else at play? Start an experiment and go with your instinct and see if God has an adventure for you. Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide you. Allow conversations to flow with the breath of a prayer in your head ‘God be in this…give me words…give me wisdom, let them feel you.’

Sure, there are times I’ve felt no presence…but it is wrong to blame God for that feeling. He doesn’t ever leave us, he is always there and always at work. Sometimes our choices and steps move us away from him. So then I correct and find myself where I am supposed to be and we are back on track.

Utah, 2011. Erin and I climbed the mountain in the background  September 2011.

Utah, 2011. Erin and I climbed the mountain in the background September 2011.

Most of those corrections find me at a lake…or mountains…or ironically in the middle of a mission trip that I should have corrected myself before leaving. Sometimes it seems the higher up I get…the closer I feel. This photo is from a hike a few years ago in Utah that kicked my butt. We had hiked the mountain in the background, yet still thought it was a great idea to go some more lower down. But those few days with my friends ‘reset’ me, and I was back where I needed to be.

I cannot truly live without Holy Spirit. I rely on it way too much. I cannot be my calling to God’s mission without Holy Spirit. Living in God’s mission field, the Holy Spirit is the only language I know to truly navigate God’s Kingdom. It is my comforter. It is my counselor. It is my translator. It is my truth. It is my guide. And it is my sender…always, always my sender.

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