There are certain things I am good at and certain things I am not good at.

Running for instance, I suck at running.

Swimming…I can hold my own, as long as you have no competition aspirations for me.

Numbers. Just don’t. I can’t even.

Words. Addicted. LOVE them!

I do know how to read a clock, but I struggle with being on time. Not because I want to be rude and disrespectful, but I am normally caught up in a conversation or God moment I cannot gracefully end in a timely fashion.

When it comes to actually being disciplined at something, I rarely excel. It’s probably part rebellion from order, yet also part that I naturally operate in the whim of a moment. I love spontaneity. I love conversation, and if that conversation happens to go three hours I won’t stop it to be somewhere else because that time is priceless and sacred. I am Spirit led, and in the midst of that, it’s hard to continually be consistent in a daily rhythm outside of washing my face, brushing my teeth and collecting my hair into a messy concoction.

Something I struggle with in my spiritual life relates to the exact same things when it comes to a rhythm of that life with God. How do I make time to know him? How do I know his voice? When do I learn from his word? When do I make time to give thanks?

I have always, always sucked at ‘quiet time.’ If I plan it, then I fail, then I feel guilty. It’s an awful cycle that I truly believe God wants me to be free from. Not ‘scheduling’ time with God doesn’t make me any worse of a believer than a believer that does get up at 6a every day to read their Bible. I have time with God, but I don’t force myself to do it every day at 6a. No one wants to see me at 6a, not even the one I serve. He created me with distaste for mornings, so it doesn’t surprise him. When I feel pulled into that revelation of his word, drawn to something to pray or bust out in my current favorite worship song…that time is sacred. It is spontaneous, and I love it!

That all being said sometimes I need to be challenged to be in God’s word more often.

Several years ago, some friends and I got a crazy idea off of an Instagram photo-a-day rhythm over Lent. We blogged the word they had posted for the photo theme every day for the entirety of Lent. It was actually really cool, and this year, we are attempting it again. It was a sacrifice, as Lent is the time to sacrifice pieces of you to draw closer to Jesus. It was a challenge in the whirlwind of a chaotic life, BUT we did it. And we had no regrets. Plus we were drawn closer as a community as we shared the struggle of our commitment. We’ve done various things over the last several years, but nothing has been like that first year.

As each of us are currently in a wide array of seasons of life, who knows what will actually happen. I’m convinced I’m not even going to make it to the first Sunday ‘off day,’ because I have a group coming into the airport today and will be here until next Monday. That takes a LOT of time out of the next week.

But. I am willing to try. And not give myself a guilt trip if I fail. Technically, this is an extra post…so I should get a bi-day, right?!?! Leave it to me to break rules before we even get started…

Here’s to a delightful Lent season where we can all grow closer to Jesus as we walk the path to Easter.




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