How does God ignite your heart?

How do you experience God?

How do you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit?

If you find yourself saying that it doesn’t include the most recent worship music or a beloved hymn…that is completely normal. If you find yourself feeling as though you experience God in things that are not stereotypically “Christian,” I would also ask…if God created all things, can’t God be in all things?

God is everywhere.

When we don’t allow ourselves to see him everywhere, we are denying God the opportunity to use everything around us to remind us of his love, joy, and beauty, as well as join us in whatever we are doing. I’m not negating that bad things happen, but I do think even in bad things God makes his presence known. 

I choose to see God in all things I find beautiful and today was no different.

I got a lavender latte from Love, Coffee.

I wore my new hat and rocked my mirrored aviators.

I basked in the glorious sunshine. 

I drove with all my windows down, wind blowing around me, and my music insanely loud.

Care to know the songs God and I bonded over? Today was not worship music, or even what some would call ‘Christian’ songs. Today was a bit edgier, but edgier doesn’t not mean God was not present with me. 

Imagine Dragons has a super cool new song I am in love with: ‘Cutthroat.’ There are two lines in the lyrics that I am stuck on almost every day right now.

Evanescence has a new song called ‘Use My Voice’ that I find myself passionately singing along.

‘I Don’t Like It, I Love It’ by Flo Rida is one that my nephew and I ‘doo-dooo’ to on a regular basis, so it makes me smile and think of him when I hear it. 

‘Little Lion Man’ by Mumford & Sons was up next…this one does have some flavorful language. 

‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC makes me pound the steering wheel.

‘Immigrant Song’ by Led Zeppelin is always the song I think of as being my ‘walk up music’ for anytime I might need it.

And then ‘Uprising’ by Muse rounded out this drive time with how it ignites my angsty injustice heart.

So I ask again, how does God ignite your heart?

How do you experience God?

How do you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit?

Sometimes it happens in the places you least expected it, and honestly, those are probably my favorite ways God imbeds himself in my heart.



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