What better way to speak the same language than to be reading the same things…God ignites a soul that ponders written words. Though none of these would compare to an intensive study of language God uses in the Bible for justice, being sent, being placed and the constant fight to see his people walk with him.

‘The Poverty of Nations’ by Wayne Grudem and Barry Asmus. So a theologian and economist walk into a bar…but really, these two combined their knowledge to create an amazing look at world poverty through the lens of the Bible, as well as sustainability that has worked around the world. Well worth the read if you are involved in a majority world ministry.

‘Pursuit of Orphan Excellence’ by Philip Darke. This is a comprehensive overview of many elements one should think through if linked into the orphan window throughout the world.

‘Flesh’ by Hugh Halter. I wasn’t a huge fan of his writing until this book, there is a note below about another I really didn’t like, but God used anyway. This one is one of the best story led, Kingdom wise books on incarnational living I have read.

‘Barefoot Church’ by Brandon Hatmaker…I love the way Brandon writes in real stories & real ways to make mission a normal thing in your life.

‘Jesus Fool’ by Michael Frost

‘Road to Missional’ by Michael Frost…see a theme here?

‘Right Here, Right now’ by Alan Hirsch & Lance Ford

‘God in a Brothel’ by Daniel Walker

‘Terrify No More’ by Gary Haugen

‘AND’ by Hugh Halter…but really only the 5th chapter. Seriously.

‘The Faith of Leap’ by Alan Hirsch & Michael Frost…yep, again. Sorry, that should at least convince you to pick one up.

‘Building a Discipling Culture’ by Mike Breen…I am learning a TON from these written words!

‘Suprised by Hope’ by NT Wright…it is so intelligently written that I started to think I didn’t have a brain. However, what he did do was bust open my views on the Kingdom of God, which needed to happen.

‘When Helping Hurts’ by Corbett & Fikkert…if you haven’t read this yet, everyone else has…what’s wrong with you?!?!

‘Tangible Kingdom Primer,’ ‘Barefoot Church Primer,’ ‘Gospel Primer,’ and ‘Permanent Revolution Playbook’ are all community, Kingdom rooted small group material that I have found to build some of the most intense Holy Spirit saturated, Kingdom advancing community I’ve ever been privilege to be counted among. These can be found at

‘Good News About Injustice’ by Gary Haugen was the first book I read about any justice issue in 2001. It’s still pretty close to my heart as a book that sunk be deeper into God’s heart for this world.


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