Confessions of an extreme extrovert: I have a problem with solitude. Well, perhaps not so much a problem as a significant dislike. I have problems being still. I cannot do quiet so much that I must have a fan on in the background for noise at the very least, and usually add music or TV. … Continue reading solitude


“Okay, so who wants to pray?” Most of us have heard this in a group…and have sat in the awkward pause as literally no one wants to pray out loud, so the leader of the group takes one for the team and offers up the words. I confess, I hate praying out loud. When I … Continue reading pray


Let’s try an international story for today…imagine a group of people arriving in a majority world country. And by majority world, I refer to countries that are typically called ‘third world’ or ‘developing.’ I try to avoid these terms as much as possible, so that my language works to fight against the negative and marginalizing … Continue reading serving