I am almost never without a camera, and if I am, I have my phone which takes some good pics in a pinch.

I also have a separate photography site at It made more sense to post photos than keep adapting a page…check it out…there are some fantastic shots on there!

Utah, 2011. Erin and I climbed the mountain in the background September 2011.

Utah, 2011.

Manchu Picchu, 2009.

Manchu Picchu, 2009.

Moscow, Russia November 2011.

Moscow, November 2003. This was my first time in Red Square. This is the base of St. Basil, the crazy thing is the building on the right, doesn’t look like this anymore!

Kurlovo, Russia 2007. This is the full photo of my blog banner. I took it on a walk with Alyosha & Katia in 2007, my last trip to Kurlovo orphanage before it closed. My good friend Zhenya, my translator, is also along for the fun!

Kurlovo, Russia 2005: Alyosha’s Wall. It became a running joke among our Nov. 2005 team that this was a wall that Alyosha had burst through. It could have happened…

Monrovia, Liberia, 2009: I took this on the nastiest beach I’ve ever been on. They throw trash everywhere, but they have also been recovering from a devastating war that tore their country to pieces. I love this, because if you look closely at the wall, you can see graffiti…and I love the composition.


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