Water takes on so many forms...Colorado has educated me on even more forms than this Missouri girl realized even with a multitude of icy experiences. The beauty I find in water is the ethereal quality it possesses. It constantly keeps you guessing and you never know what you will get. Someone else was like that, … Continue reading water


The big three. (No, not ‘This Is Us’) The trinity. God. Jesus. Holy Spirit. Outside of the standard Sunday School answer of “Jesus is the most important,” sits the reality that the Holy Spirit is the insanely strong Kingdom unifier among us. "I'm baptizing you here in the river, turning your old life in for … Continue reading spirit


November always finds me traveling a horrendously long distance from the States to Velikoretskoye, Russia. It is literally a journey of planes, trains, and automobiles. I have been making this journey to Velikoretskoye since 2008 to visit my friends who happen to live in an orphanage. As wards of the state of Russia, our community is … Continue reading denchik


Several years ago God started a conversation in my heart and it overflowed into conversations with several people in our Russia community.  At the time God had been teaching me the importance of language within church ministry and that we should all be speaking the same language. It was simultaneous with changing the language of … Continue reading visit