God. Jesus. Holy Spirit. The Trinity. I love God. Jesus is my friend. But honestly, Spirit is the one I feel closest to most of the time. How could you not? Jesus repeatedly said, hey ya’ll I’m leaving…but I’m leaving something behind for you. And it will be something that is so fluid, yet transparent … Continue reading spirit


Evil. Easy to despise. Easy to be put yourself on the opposing side. Easy to speak out against. Easy to hate the villain. Also…easy to find yourself slipping into… How many times have I said something hateful? How many times have I done something mean? So often I find myself amidst the struggle of more … Continue reading evil


Wonder. Such a fabulous word. Curiosity...so similar. I am completely guilty of being enamored with snowflakes. I am absolutely giddy when I see perfect snowflakes. I love snow...and seeing absolute perfection in frozen form mesmerizes me as I inspect each of the pointed ends. Truly, I experience the same wonder with sunsets. So beautiful, and … Continue reading wonder