I had never been drinking so much water in my entire life…yet constantly thirsty. We were sweating out liquid faster than we could take it into our bodies.

We were in Haiti…and it was HOT.

We were reliant on water from massive multi gallon jugs, and by the end of the week we were running precariously low. I was on an endless cycle of filling…drinking…filling…drinking…filling my Nalgene bottle. The thirst was unimaginable…the kind where your mouth gets all tacky and your saliva turns as thick as peanut butter. It’s not a pleasant experience, and even though you keep drinking, it keeps happening. The things we do for God. Happily…


I don’t travel without a Nalgene bottle, anywhere. My favorite one has taken a beating for years…and died an ugly, horrible death this summer. It had run its course, but it was my Duke bottle. Not only could I quench my thirst, but I could also rep my favorite basketball team.

The reason I don’t travel without a water bottle is your body takes an awful turn when you get dehydrated. We need water so badly that when we dehydrate our bodies respond in ways that can end us up in the hospital. I am constantly telling people to drink more water on mission trips.

And that’s when we have it accessible…what about all of the people in the world who don’t have easy access to clean water? Sad, right? If that touches something in you, let’s talk, because there are a myriad of organizations out there that deal with getting clean, reliable water to places that don’t have a good water source.

We thirst for water because we cannot live without it.

Honestly, I think our bodies thirst for God in the same way…we just learn to deny those thirsts in different ways. What if our bodies thirsted for God like we thirst for water? What if there was a significant physical reaction that would land you in the hospital if you went without God? Imagine running a friend to the emergency room, ‘Quick! She didn’t take in enough God today…she’s dying!!!’

The sad part is our souls do wither up when we don’t quench its thirst for God. The horrifying part is a large majority of people don’t care. Do you find yourself in an apathetic camp of “Eh, I don’t’ need God today. I’ve got this.” Well, ya don’t.  You need God for grace, mercy, hope, compassion, love…ALL the fruits of the Spirit. You need His Spirit to fill you to overflowing so you see others as God sees them. You need Jesus. We all need Jesus.

But if we don’t make an effort to quench our thirst with God it’s not going to happen. He does give free fill-ups…but you need to actually care you are getting it. Then…you need to USE it. Kingdom work. Make it happen.

I hope you find yourself caring about how much ‘God’ you take in today to quench your thirst…not just because it’s Sunday, but as if your life depended on it.