There was once a girl named Sass.

Life was good and the only evil she found came from her mouth.

Her family took great vacations, and she continued to grow older.

A brother came and rocked her world, but more was better than alone.

She had no worldly cause for discontent.

But…she sensed…there must be more.

There were parties and friends.

Coming and going, life at a frantic pace.

Songs and prose, all pouring out.

Yet still no worldly cause for discontent.

But…she sensed…there must be more.

Feelings pushed aside. Nudges explained away.

Awards and honors won.

Convincing everyone she had a plan…but of a false future.

Decisions made.

Still no worldly cause for discontent.

And yet…she sensed…there must be more.

Sass talked a good game.

Sass hid behind walls, she could not trust.

Sass fought the wrong fights.

Sass knew nothing of love.

Sass grew weary.

Sass could see no real reason to be discontent.

But Sass knew there must be more…

Then came a day when light tore through the cracks,  stretched and wove.

Light chased away the dark, and gave way to new life.

Mar 26 - lightLight flooded Sass’ life with brilliant colors all sparkling like diamonds in sunlight.

Light crumbled all the walls…save a few for protection.

Light attacked her heart with love.

Light wore down a fighter.

Light gifted perseverance.

Light broke her world open with new colors, new gifts, new hope and new purpose.

Light brought her life beauty and calling.

Light bought her freedom on a cross.

Light gave more.

Light changed a life and the old Sass was no more.