It’s a new year…and I’ve not blogged in awhile. To be incredibly honest, it was because I didn’t know if what I was thinking should make it onto a public blog. It’s been an emotional month. People moving away, ‘aunt’ passing away (she’s getting the airy quotes, because what is true in your heart is truth, right?)…and in the middle were the holidays. Great things have happened, and are happening…but it has been intermingled with some things that have thrown me for loops.

This particular one, I wasn’t going to bring this up on here, but because everything is mission to me…I cannot ignore this as a part of the story, because it changes it drastically. The journey has been incredible in the last year, and I have had an amazing friend, co-worker and missionary at my side, at my front and at my back…she’s kind of a superhero, actually. Especially since she moves THAT fast!

It is rare when you have a friend whose heart God has aligned so closely with your own, especially when it revolves around God’s mission in our world, and working towards His kingdom on earth. I’m somewhat of a mission nerd, but she is the exact same way…if not more, only because she reads faster!

This year has been like a mission trip all on its’ own…what we’ve been reading, conferences we’ve gone to, conversations we’ve had, hearing God’s voice, laughing constantly, praying incessantly for His guidance…

I always tell my teams that the hardest part of a mission trip for me is once I get back home. They are not there to laugh at our jokes, talk about the mission at hand, and where I leave off…they pick it right up and keep going. I get so used to it when we are together for 8-10 days. So imagine for a second what would happen if I was on a ‘mission trip’ with the same person for an entire year…

So, in honor of my friend and true sister in Jesus, who is moving to Omaha, I would like to publicly say it has truly been an amazing year of God placing us exactly where we were supposed to be for this season of our lives. Amy Bartlett, I have learned so much from you, your patience with me, constantly having my back and your quickness to laugh when I do stupid accents. I’m funny, right? Ha-ha. And oh, how we have laughed…and through the laughter it has been a year of learning, reinventing and visioning. 2011 would have looked completely different without you there for the ride!

We were filled with laughter, and we sang for joy.

And the other nations said,

“What amazing things the Lord has done for them.”

Yes, the Lord has done amazing things for us! What joy!

Psalm 126:2-3

Though I should note…I am incredibly jealous of where God is sending you next, because you are an amazing servant who is constantly in tune with His desire for us and how we live while we are here. But I send you with the knowledge that you are still my backboard, the conversation continues and you need a guest bedroom in the new house…good luck trying to get me to stay away!

Steph & Amy


2 responses to “journeys

  1. Wow, I didn’t know that Amy was leaving us. 😦 What an awesome tribute and goodbye you have written for her. We will miss her sweet smile and heart for missions.

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