drifting thoughts

Amy and I are leading a Mission Class right now, and I’ve got to say, the discussion is the best part. I love hearing what other people are thinking, and the other ways God is leading those around me. Bottom line is, God is doing something in His people right now…and it is a phenomenal time to be a follower of Christ.

This last Sunday, we were on the topic of the ‘Missional Church’ conversation and what the different elements are to the conversation. Two things really struck me while we were talking. Now…it could very well be that my mind was drifting…but for the time-being, we’ll just say it wasn’t.

First, my hope for every single family in our church is that God keeps overflowing their hearts to realize that the absolute first place you are a missionary is at home. In your neighborhoods. It is classic Acts 1:8, ‘…in Jerusalem.’ God created all of us with missionary hearts…some have a heart for international or urban areas, or callings to specific people groups…but at the heart of it, God created us for relationship and that relationship pulls us to share ourselves with those around us as His people.

Thus, you ALL are missionaries. Seriously. It’s true. If that intimidates you, let’s talk! It is just you being who God created you to be around the people you happen to be around. It doesn’t take a special certificate, education or memorization of 1,000 Bible verses. It takes you love Jesus will all that is in you, and other people seeing that in action.

If you are a parent…your kids are observing everything you do. Good or bad, they soak it in. If you are living out your life under the universal reign of God…they are watching that too. You are raising up future missionaries…kids that are going to take the world by storm, and engulf it in the radical love of Jesus Christ.

Second thing that found itself rolling around my brain…it seems that God constantly has a verse that is strolling through my life. I may hear it in music, read it over and over or even have someone else reference it around me. It is those verses I seek to soak in. Ask those around me how long I’ve been stuck on Isaiah 58, or Micah 6:8, or Acts 1:8. They are strolling around your heart too, what are they? God wants us to pay attention to his Word. It is no mistake that we have the Bible in our lives in a time that we struggle with being distracted by so much. They didn’t even have the written Word of God for most of what we read in the Bible, yet here we sit, with what they coveted, and barely turn the pages.

God’s heart is on those pages. He has left us a road map, and we need to pay attention. It is not outdated. It is still pertinent, and we need to fully realize that the mission of God is there. How else do we learn about the sending nature of God if not in those pages?

Anyway…there’s my drifting thoughts, maybe a soap box or two…but it was a great class!



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