third places

Here is what I love about the amazing God that I serve…sometimes he is doing things that I am participating in, and have NO idea that it was happening.

Third places…if you’ve heard Amy or I talk about missional living, you’ve heard us talk about the idea of a third place. It feeds into the idea that wherever you are, whatever you normally do…be who God created you to be.

A third place is somewhere that you are deciding to be intentionally about it. Amy talks about how her ‘third place’ is aisle 10 at Target at the same time every week. She’s not just checking out, she and the worker at aisle 10 know each other. It’s not like Amy is spitting scripture at her, instead it’s a smile, a hello and over time discover things they have in common and the names of those in their family. It is caring about another human being, because of the love you have for God and His love for you.

It is definitely being real, not overly sappy and ‘religious.’ Please, oh please, don’t go and be ‘religious.’ I once broke the ice with someone who wasn’t into the whole church thing by throwing a cuss word out onto the table. (Yes, I did just say that.) Do I spit out ‘unwholesome’ words all of the time, probably more than I should, but is it a salvation issue? No. Does it interfere with my relationship with Christ…well it’s not necessarily good things coming out of my mouth…but…

The point is…be real…don’t be fake, and see where God will take you when you start paying attention to those around you instead of being in a hurry.
Which is where I found myself today…

Every Wednesday, I meet with a super awesome student who wants to get into the Bible more…and she has a passion for mission…go figure, I’m kinda drawn to those folks.

Bearing in mind the whole third place idea…we’ve been meeting at Panera. I keep telling myself that I am paying attention around me, but apparently not, because today I walked in and one of the ladies said,

“Do you want the coffee drink you normally get?”

I was thrown off guard, and replied with, ‘Uh, maybe not today.’

She recognized me, and I have no idea what her name is…so…next Wednesday I am learning her name and make her assumption of what I am getting correct. If only I hadn’t already had my Crackbucks for today!

So much for trying to live where I find myself on a consistent basis…proof that it’s ok to realize you can do better. And here’s to making a new friend!


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