inspiration from a friend

If you are around the Woods Chapel Student Ministry long enough…then you know that God is doing something very cool within the hearts of these students. There is a reason why the biggest resurgence in our youth group is after a mission trip. One of our seniors wrote this and said to me last weekend, ‘Do you want to put this up somewhere around here?’ Well, I couldn’t resist sharing…so I’m putting it up here, because I want all of you to know that God is alive and active in the hearts and lives of our students in very significant ways.

Now, I would like to introduce to you one of the most wise, kind and compassionate young men I’ve known in awhile. I was privileged to work beside him last summer in Cleveland, Ohio on the mission trip. I have known him since he was in junior high, and he will actually tell you a hilarious story about me not remembering his name…which I argue is wholly inaccurate. I am continually stunned by his heart for God. I am excited to see what God has in store for him as he heads off to college next year. We will miss him, as well as his positive, encouraging influence on others. Without further ado…

‘Missional’ by Ryan McFall

Once you’ve ran one mile, run one more.
Once you’ve given one smile, give two more.
Once you’ve made a commitment to fight the trials, make three more.
Once you’ve touched the heart of someone worth-while, touch four more.
So go the extra mile, and see what’s in store.
Look for broken hearts you can restore.
Go the extra mile, to do one more.
I assure you’ll not be the person you were before.


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