The Language of the Heart

I have been greatly blessed by Gerry’s book ‘HIdden in the Rubble’ on Haiti, and started following his blog after I returned. This post from several days ago truly spoke some of my thoughts out loud. 🙂 Enjoy!

Gerry Straub's Blog

The human heart is drawn to God. The language of the heart is love. Not soft, wimpy, fleeting Hollywood-style love, but a bold, deep, penetrating love that requires openness and transformation, a love that perpetually gives itself away. We live in a world of hearts. Sadly, most hearts are broken, unloved and unable to love. God wants to give us new hearts, mystical hearts throbbing to love and to be loved. If you can imagine a world of divinely transformed hearts, you will see a world at peace, a world of plenty where no one goes hungry. Such a world begins within each of us, if we are able to shake off the countless distractions of modern life and pay attention to the silent voice of God.

Prayer is the only weapon we need. Prayer helps us flee from the storm of inner thoughts and the noise that engulfs modern…

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One response to “The Language of the Heart

  1. Stephanie…I would like to send you my film “Mud Pies & Kites” based on my book “Hidden in the Rubble.” Please send me your address and I will pop one into the mail to you as a gift. Gerry Straub

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