Lent. Fasting. Lent 2013Quite honestly, I have always thought it was asinine to give up diet coke or sweets. Mostly because how does not eating a chocolate bar draw you closer to God?

I’ve always fallen on the fasting side of giving something up that will draw me closer to God. For several years I gave up secular music. I only listened to Christian music. Then that line started blurring a bit for me, and last year I only listened to worship music, which meant Christian radio, CDs & iPod…for 40 days. But it worked for me, because I am a music junkie and I needed some Jesus-focus.

Last year, I also decided to reframe my ‘sent’ language from the Bible. Going through all of the sent scriptures, and while it was challenging, it was ah-mazing.

This year God has been bringing me back to the fasting day He considers holy from Isaiah 58. Fasting that would unite the community, get rid of exploitation and injustice. To use the time made free by what I gave up to set wrong actions right, be with family and to ultimately become closer to God heart. What a beautiful thought, right?

Today, Shawn Franssens put up a photo a day idea from Rethink Church, but then expanded it because he’s not a photography geek. He is going to base blog posts off the words.

Well…I happen to be a photography geek.

This year for Lent, while I am sticking with the worship music and setting aside my Mumford & Sons, Imagined Dragons, Lumineers, Fun., Florence & her Machine, ugh so hard…I will be making an effort to put up a post a day with a photo every day. To be accompanied with an actual blog post on the word of the day, or scripture that hits me for that word. Maybe a quote…who knows? The real challenge will be to use each word…every day.

I am so ready to rock Lent this year! And may I be able to look back and truly say I am more in line with God.


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