Wonder. Such a fabulous word. Curiosity…so similar.

I am completely guilty of being enamored with snowflakes. I am absolutely giddy when I see perfect snowflakes. I love snow…and seeing absolute perfection in frozen form mesmerizes me as I inspect each of the pointed ends.


Truly, I experience the same wonder with sunsets. So beautiful, and none the same. When the clouds like up in perfect succession to reflect the receding sun…my fingers itch for my camera to capture the one of a kind views. Even when the result shades in comparison to the real view.

How wonderful that each are unique in their creation…much like our uniqueness as God’s creation.

As much as we experience wonder at the beauty of God’s creation…I think he experiences the same wonder of how beautifully he created us. Each unique. Each filled with purpose. Each individually called. Each a child of God.

So I leave you with the thought of how God gently, proudly wonders at your perfection…in his eyes. Despite our imperfections…God sees you in your beauty and perfection. Rest in that, my friends.


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