‘Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.’ [1 Peter 2:16]

As believers in this day and age I think we cover up a lot of things…sin, real-self, feelings…I could go on…

But as we walk in this world we need to be making sure what we are covering up isn’t our belief in life beyond this world. That we are not covering up our faith with the expectations of our American culture. That we are not covering up the things we want to teach our children with excuses of sports and other curricular activities.

We are meant to walk on this earth for a reason, and it is a lot of fun to take advantage of the things in this world.

But not at the expense of our commitment to Jesus, because he has a lot of something for you to do here and now. As a believer, as a family and as a community.


I actually wrote this post by lantern light, because our power had gone out because of a snowstorm.

My mission journal has a myriad of thoughts in it. It also looks cool, African cool, but if I kept all of the things I’ve learned at conferences, from Bible study and the books I am reading for myself…what good are those thoughts?

The point is to get beyond the cover, allow people in…and let them see what God has taught you. It is the exact same with our belief in Christ…his sacrifice…his message…

It is meant to be shared and not kept to yourself. That does mean grabbing ahold of some courage…because this world has wandered further and further away from the heart of God. But that also means we get to share truth, love and offer ourselves as guides…as servants of the living God.


2 thoughts on “cover

  1. Steph.,
    I love this! “The point is to get beyond the cover”. Very well said. Maybe you’ll cut me some slack when I don’t read from “cover to cover” before I share something that jumps out at me? 🙂

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