You are frustrated. You are snapping at everyone. You cannot hold back the mean sarcasm. People back away as a snarl escapes your lips. Nothing is going right. The world is out to get you. And to top it all off…God must be absent, because if he wasn’t why would all this be happening?


Not absent. Still there.

And who has he put around me to help me figure that out?

My friends.

Every single time I am having a bad day…one of my amazing friends shows up and blesses my spirit to the point of soaring.

In one of my finest 'dork' moments.

In one of my finest ‘dork’ moments.

They get my weirdness. They know I am a dork. They like my Kingdom of God-isms, or act like they do. They walk alongside me when I am struggling…even when I tell them to go away. They make me feel like I’m funny, even though my jokes are stupid. They love me despite my failures…sometimes to the point of all out denial, which is nice in an unrealistic unicorns snorting glitter kind of way.

Their kids even bless me. Today I ran down to the day care part of our church to tell my 4 year old buddy happy birthday. He was in the gym, and when he saw me in the doorway he ran the whole way across the gym with a huge smile on his face. He absolutely blessed me yesterday, when I was just trying to bless him.

But isn’t that part of it, too? We bless each other.

The even more beautiful part about experiencing blessing from others is that when the Bible talks about ‘bless’ it is referring to the literal touch of God on a moment or person. I think that makes us look at the word differently, because when you look at it in the context of scripture it makes sense. Take a look at Old Testament scripture see what you think.

So…to my friends that are reading this…in the moments you encourage me, geek out with me or draw me from the depths of despair…I feel the literal touch of God through you. My life would not be the same without you. I would not be able to survive this world without your friendship. Thanks for blessing me.


One response to “bless

  1. So glad I could participate in one of your finest “dork” moments. And so many other moments. Your friendship is a blessing to me as well. Love you!

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