It follows you everywhere.

It is the darkest part of you.

It is your shadow.

It can be hilarious to play with your shadow, and all it takes is some sun and a convenient flat space.

But what if we thought about our shadow in terms of what we trails us? By what we leave in our wake. Our shadow is the thing that is always trailing us, but our Kingdom work always leaves a wake spanning out and spreading ripples.

What do you want your shadow to say about you?

Acts talks about people believing healing could be found in Peter’s shadow…

Nevertheless, more and more men and women believed in the Lord and were added to their number. As a result, people brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and mats so that at least Peter’s shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by. [Acts 5:14-15]

Wow! That’s some serious Kingdom work coming out of a shadow.

I’m not suggesting we start proclaiming to heal others, but we would be well served to let the faith of that moment digest…it is a tangible concept we need to grasp. Peter was so well known that people were lining the streets in hopes his shadow might touch them. That is invincible faith.

Lives changed…that is what Peter was leaving in his wake. Jesus truth embedded and Kingdom work advanced.

A shadow may make a funny silhouette for a few seconds, but your Kingdom work can leave ripples beyond generations.

Go! Live sent! Live Peter’s legacy! Be courageous! Now is not the time to put God’s word on a shelf! Now is not the time to wait for ‘someday.’ Now is not the time to pretend mission will happen once your kids leave the house…and then put off again until you retire.

It is not about making Kingdom work something else you do…it is about living for God now. Being God’s heart to everyone in your house, at Starbucks, to the boss that is driving you crazy…to the rude server at a lunch meeting…and absolutely being God’s heart to your kids at the end of a long day when those toddler or teenage attitudes like to rear their ugly heads. THAT is Kingdom work. Being God’s love for those around you.

It’s to live as though your shadow could transform lives and draw others to the heart of God.


2 responses to “shadow

  1. I like this idea of Pete’s shadow being so pure that it healed people. Like the darkness can’t even make his shadow dark because of the light of Christ. Bringin’ the boom, Steph!

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