Find. Not found. Find.

That is important because found implies something that has already been located or been established.

Find implies seeking something…an action on your part.


It shouldn’t be. It should be invigorating. It should be enticing.

Seeking brings new experiences. Seeking brings new friendships. Seeking means adventures. Seeking means discovering something new. Seeking brings a change to the mundane in your life!

I love photography. I love seeing things through the lens. I find the whole balance of a composition fascinating. Even when I am not looking through the lens, I find myself looking at landscapes, sunsets, architecture as though I was looking through that lens…even when my camera isn’t with me. It’s a gift and a curse.

One of my favorite things is the ONE shot out of 200 that is fantastic. I like the challenge of getting that ONE shot. I really believe what Ansel Adams once said, ‘Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.’

The thing about that moment is that I have to seek it out. Mountains don’t move to me. Ocean does not come to the Midwest no matter how much we want it to be here. When I am on mission trips to orphanages, the best photos of kids don’t entail me sitting still in a chair hoping the kids get close enough for a great shot. And without regard to what I want…trees don’t realign when the composition is a bit off for me. Frustrating, I know!

If I want that fantastic sunrise shot, I have to get my ass out of bed way before the sun hits the horizon line, which is, sadly, really hard for me. And I always have to apologize the night before to anyone with me for my crankiness the coming morning. Thankfully, the adventure of a photo hunt and coffee normally win out by the time we find our spot.

Here’s the thing, if I didn’t make the effort to get up, run through Starbucks to give me an extra kick and make it to the ‘perfect’ sunrise spot…I don’t get the photo. I lose out on the amazing gift of getting to a place in time for God to let me be the one to click the shutter.

But when I do seek it, when I set myself aside…and I do ultimately find the perfect photo. It’s the greatest reward and honor to capture that image.

Mar 8 - find


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