Rejoice to me is not just about being happy. I think it has a very large element of expressing joy and the physicality of that joy.

I love getting excited about small things. It could be as simple as my coffee shop has my favorite seasonal flavor back, or a friend bringing me an iced tea when I didn’t know they were stopping at QT or Sonic. I apparently love drinks. It could also be a small word of encouragement…see? No liquid involved. Or when I see perfect snowflakes because I love snow so much!

But then it could be as big as a marriage or family expanding. Or a new life choice…or promotion at work.

Rejoicing has a physical element to it…joy being visual. You can see it. It is not something that stays hidden and no one knows.

My team is in the Sweet Sixteen…I guarantee you every one around me knows how much joy I have about the Duke boys advancing.

When I have a friend visiting or am going to see one…I can’t sit still. It is absolutely apparent in my outward expression how excited I am.

But that’s just the outward expression of things on earth I love to experience.

When spiritual stuff brings me joy everyone definitely knows. They see it in my actions, words and body language…or blog post. Holy Spirit giddiness cannot be contained!

When I get exited about something God reveals through scripture, I drive everyone nuts because I talk about it so much. The only reason they go crazy is because I am outwardly expressing my joy at the Holy Spirit moving around me.

I am rejoicing and inviting others into the joy of God moments.

If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together. [1 Corinthians 12:26]

All rejoice together…what a beautiful way to draw others to the heart of God. Bringing them to his Kingdom by expressing joy together!

Don’t rejoice alone. Please. Let your community join in with you! Let us feel your joy! Let us see it! Maybe we are having a bad day and need a pick me up! Big or small. Incidental or life changing. Rejoice together!


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