I love art. Lots and lots of art. I’ve grown up around it since I was three. Even through the moments I hated the fact my parents owned a retail art and framing store…being surrounded by art developed a very deep love for all photography, most modern art, screen printing by Warhol and old masters like my favorites Van Gogh, Kandinsky and Klimt. I will go to a museum simply because a Van Gogh is on exhibit.


Over the last year I’ve been watching for the talent and artists we have among our students, because I love how art can point to God’s Kingdom. Photography, painting, sketching, words, music…we have so much talent within our student community. God’s heart is to meet people in all aspects of life, and art bridges so many of those gaps. A multitude of opportunities to love others in so many different ages, places and communities. One piece of art could say multiple things to a myriad of people.

I love the lyrics from ‘Desert Soul’ by Rend Collective, “I’m lost without your creative spark in me, recreate me.”

I don’t think we realize how much creativity we use throughout a day. I’m constantly guilty of doodling in meetings, but it truly allows me to focus on what’s being said. Loosen your definition of creativity and see what happens.


The ladies at DIVAS retreat last weekend spent hours in what I like to call my makeshift art room. They were making t-shirts. They were writing scripture out on mat board with metallic markers. They were making beautiful canvases. They were finding joy in fingerprinting…all while being together in a beautiful image of community.

Some of their pieces are absolutely astounding. I marvel at what comes from their imagination and flows onto canvas. Blending of color and contrast of shapes, each pouring out of who God has created and inspired them to be in his world.Everyone has the ability to create, you were born with it, and don’t try to tell me you can’t draw or I will tell you that you are being ridiculous. That is just one small way to create art. Society likes to judge our creativity, but God sees beauty in all things.

He created us to create.

Whether that is the literal creation of life, creation of disciples and relationships, or a beautiful creation of art…it should all point back to our God who created us and our Jesus who saves us.



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