There are many things in our lives that there is no physical action we can take. And that is not only a horrible helpless feeling, but also a feeling of frustration when there is nothing we can do to make something change.

When we find ourselves limited we turn to the only thing we have left as believers…prayer.

Today as I’ve been thinking about the Rethink Church word of the day for advent, I keep having prayers pour out as I think of the word ‘flood.’ So today, my offering to you is a prayer…

Flood us with your wisdom so we would use filters on our words to others.

Flood us with your creativity so that we would point you out through art and imagination.

Flood us with your discernment so we would know the difference between right and wrong, and where you are in the choices we make.

Flood us with compassion to reach out to those hurting and alone this Christmas season.

Flood us with humility so we wouldn’t make things about ourselves.

Flood us with patience for those around us when we are tired and burnt out.

Flood us with a strong sense of justice to fight to right the wrongs in our world.

Flood us with purpose to be the person you call us to be.

Flood our souls with rest so we would be energized and ready to pour into relationships you place around us.

Flood us with your love so that we will always be an extension of you.



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