Just when I think I am ready for something…I quickly discover I am not, which is why I choose to live with flexibility that helps me adapt surrounded by others that believe in me and what God is doing within me.

But what makes us ready for what this world throws at us?

Is it experience? Wisdom? Education? Money?

Or maybe it is faith, hope…love?

Perhaps the people that surround us make us ready for pain, hurt, challenges and disaster?

I think if we fool ourselves into thinking we are always ready for what comes, we do a huge disservice to those around us. Part of being within a community is trusting that they have your back. And when we get thrown a curve ball…we are not alone. Allow people to wrap their arms around you, support you and fight with you. Being vulnerable and honest is hard. Well, sucks really. But it is what bonds us together as God’s people.

Don’t discount the things God can do through and in you by believing that you can do it on your own. You cannot. Stop being the stubborn human that thinks they have the strength to stand alone. This is not a competition in strength, and if you live that way you are not embracing the grace of God.

God created you, filled you with the Holy Spirit and has given you opportunities to belong in community with others. You may have chosen to not take those opportunities, but they were there. He knows you, and is not surprised that you feel you need to stand alone with an ‘I got this!’ combined with a ‘Bring it on!’ mentality…but alone is not the point of being ready. It’s in the people God has placed around you that make you ready to withstand a torrent of awful…normally with a side of humility.



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