Today I was driving and saw the strangest thing. We’ve had millions of birds in KC this year. Many times I have thought I was in the middle of Alfred Hitchock’s ‘The Birds’ movie. It is creepy. Super creepy.

However, today, there were thousands of birds flying in the WRONG DIRECTION. They were very clearly all headed west…not south.

Birds are steadfast. The fact that they fly south in the winter, and north in the spring is one of the most reliable things about nature. Yet here they are…in what is not normal behavior for a bird, and definitely not what their ‘instincts’ tell them to do.

Shoving the creepy the birds-know-the-apocalypse-is-coming and watch-out-for-zombies feelings aside, I wonder how many times we find ourselves in the exact same position. Finding ourselves going the wrong direction when we know how to get somewhere blindfolded.

What makes us go off track?

This is the time of year that many people find themselves back among a group of believers when it may have been a really long time since they sought out that type of community. They are seeking something that is missing. Maybe even nursing a God sized hole that they have not been able to fill with anything else. It could have been months…or more likely years.

And they are scared…of not being accepted, of being judged and criticized for why they may have been going in the wrong direction.

As believers we have the beautiful opportunity to accept them, love them and be ‘normal.’ Normal as in not treating others like people who love Jesus are at a heightened religious level…because it’s Christmas. And normal as in if you are the type of Christian that doesn’t do the whole alcohol thing…don’t draw attention and explain why you are not drinking, just politely decline. Normal as in drop the religious monologue and be present with people. If they want to know what scripture you’ve memorized lately, or what God has been saying to you…they will ask. Read body language and respect not only where people have come from, but where they are at. Ask questions. Be curious. Not because you are ‘suppose to,’ but because you want to.

Stop talking and listen.

Stop rushing and be present.

Be steadfast with the relationships around you.

Just because it is Christmas doesn’t mean you have a ‘duty’ to fulfill because of the holidays. Love others and be present to the point of being loyal, faithful and dependable in the lives around you is an everyday thing. God shows up and incredible things happen for the Kingdom of God when we are committed to those around us…whether they believe in that Kingdom or not.


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