giving & forgiving

This is beautiful, and I felt very compelled to share…enjoy!

Gerry Straub's Blog

The God whom Jesus reveals
in not a God consumed with power,
but a God interested in relationships
of caring fidelity,
a God who is in solidarity with
the most vulnerable and most needy.

Jesus gives and forgives.
When we walk with Jesus,
God’s generosity is guaranteed,
making greed and the frenetic pursuit of
acquiring more and more of everything
both inappropriate and unnecessary.

Jesus gives us new marching orders:
love one another.
And in the eyes of Jesus,
a brother and a sister
is everyone,
even those who
don’t look like us,
don’t act like us,
don’t believe like us…
and even those
who make us uncomfortable
or hate us.

Jesus call us to an
alternative way of life,
a way which says no
to control, power and domination,
a way which say yes
to trusting in the abundance of God.

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