It’s Lent. But to be honest, I’ve barely noticed. As I write this, I am sitting at an airport in Dallas traveling to Port-au-Prince, Haiti where I will make my home for the next year to 18 months. I am now working for Global Orphan Project as their trip manager for the Haiti teams. Some may think it is a strange place to live, but I can guarantee you there is something about that place that will stir you. Could be something you have been trying to find. Could be something that you didn’t even know you were missing. Either way…God is alive and active, and that is exciting.

At the same time this is happening…Lent is back, which means my blogging community is back in action. I have some amazing friends, because after blogging every day of Lent last year we had pretty much decided not to do this again. Never say never. Because here we are with me moving, and them blogging to create community for me.

This year we will not be blogging every day, however we will still be focusing on the topic through Rethink Church. Our goal is to post every Wednesday, but I’ve already missed that with all of the packing I had to do. Throw in not being sure how effective posting through Wi-Fi will be, and adjusting to not only a new job but a new culture…I will be doing my best to stay with everyone else.

Lent is about drawing closer to the one that sacrificed all. It is about sacrificing some part of ourselves to see the God who reigns over the universe as clearly as possible. It is about acknowledging that without him we are a broken, sinful, distracted creation who seek to fall at his feet in surrender.

The version of Lent I claim is one of community, worship and sacrifice. I will be missing my community like crazy. I will be worshipping daily. And it will be a sacrifice of time to seek God so intensely that I might be given an inspiration…perhaps even a revelation to toss out into the world.

Join us. Read where God leads us with each topic, and above all else…choose to make this Lent unique in your ability to draw closer to God.


3 responses to “lent

  1. I love that even though you’re hundreds of miles away, our community is sticking together through blogging. Can’t wait to read more about the perspective from Haiti!

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