Cars stuck in traffic. People on their way to work. Moto taps weaving through. A mother tugging her kid who could be walking faster on his short legs. Vendors setting up food and other items for sale. Toting water from the community well. Kids on their way to school.

There is a rhythm to life in Haiti.

Work is hard.

School is not just down the street.

Water is most often outside your home, where running water is not a guarantee.

A lot of people walk…not drive, which makes sense considering traffic at times.

In the middle of this Monday morning rhythm, I am on my way to wait at the airport while picking up a pastor coming in to work with the GO village pastors this week.

As I left, Mike, our field director…which is a bad title because Mike is a jack of all trades. Sink leaking? No problem. Shelves built? He’s got it. Water pump broken with American team in town? Mike is on his knees putting it back together. Need your windows sealed to keep out bugs? He is doing it for you. Can’t get a pastor to answer the phone? They will pick it up for Mike. Craving dessert in Haiti where they don’t eat a lot of dessert? Mike will always advocate for it. Need a competitive Spades partner? Look no further. Team problem? No worries it will get figured out, he says. It’s Haiti…he says with a shrug.

Perhaps an instigator is required? I offer an example…this morning as I was getting in the SUV, Mike says, “Heading out to get Johnny?”

“I thought his name was John.”

“You should really call him Johnny. He will like it.”

Ummm…no. I see you, sir.

This is my rhythm of life. A culture I love to observe, soak up and be a part of with a team of people that bring laughter and teasing. In a life that is more comfortable than I was really expecting in Haiti. As teams come and go that rhythm fluctuates…but just enough to keep me focused and on task for the God in the calling he has put on my life for his purpose. And that I follow with everything in me.

Because our rhythm of life is nothing without the source of all life.


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