Pastor KesnelWhen you first walk through the compound gate at All In One Family, it is easy to see how the foundation operates as a community center. Many in the community would be without food, jobs, and local church had Pastor Kesnel not been given a vision from God.

“In the end of 2004, I came to Haiti for one week for the funeral of my father. I didn’t come to buy land. I had no plans to do anything here. When I was here I had a revelation, God had been showing me things, but he had never put it in my mind that I would be serving in Haiti. But all of a sudden I found myself looking for land. I went to a first place, God really didn’t say anything, then I got to this place and I stood right under that mango tree and God was giving me vision. I could see things, it is hard to imagine, but I was looking at things that other people cannot see. I’m looking at the school. I’m looking at the church. I am looking at this place here in the future and knowing what to start with. Tears were just falling down my eyes, because I didn’t have anything of this in my mind. Then I said, you know what, I am going to buy this land,” Pastor Kesnel shared.

The school buildings came first, and opened originally with 200 kids. Currently, there are close to 500 in primary and secondary school. As Pastor shared, it was the school that made him and his wife aware of the problems in the community. The school children would be standing at the raising of the flag for the start of the school day and collapse in hunger. Following the earthquake of 2010, their numbers quickly increased from 15 children in care to 68. He was able to keep some families together by putting tents up on property as a safe place for families to sleep at night behind the villages’ compound wall.

Throughout this time, the church community continued to grow as well when staff needed to be hired, and more people were drawn to worship Jesus together. Many out of the congregation have gone to seminary classes, and others have continued their education to become teachers in the school.

“At One Family, when we finish helping them with trainings, then we let them lead. We can say these are our fruits of the ministry. I am so grateful God is using me, and has chosen me to be in this position helping in the best way I can. We are a community, and we invite people to come in. I could have a clinic inside the village, but I put the clinic out on the street so that all people can have help there. The community is in desperate need. I cannot go to a funeral and know that someone in the community died because they are hungry. I have to do something,” Pastor said.

Being well respected as a pastor takes time to earn trust, as well as prove that you are following God’s leading to do good for the community and not take advantage of them. It is easy to see within Pastor Kesnel’s congregation how passionate he is about pouring into others everything he knows, and seeing his church follow God’s leading in their lives. His passion for taking care of orphans is one that is being grafted into those he is leading.

“The Bible is really clear on taking care of kids and don’t stop them from coming. We should care for the orphan. I have this ministry because this is my calling. I am called to care for all the needy ones. I believe in what God calls you to do and then do it will your whole heart. Sometimes when people are struggling with a calling, it is because they are trying to do things according to their own understanding. They don’t realize its God. God doesn’t need our help, he just wants us to obey. Sometimes we feel like we can help him, but look at Proverbs 3: ‘Do not rely on your own understanding, in all things trust him.’ Then when you see the fruits of obedience, you say, you know what I should have obeyed more often. Look to Romans 11, take a look at it deeply, and you will realize whatever happened it happened for a reason. Then you will also realize John 14 is right, don’t let your heart be troubled. Put your trust in God,” Pastor wisely shared.

The Lord has led GO Project to support the leadership of Pastor Kesnel as he cares for economic and social orphans at All In One Family in the community of Dargout in Port-au-Prince. At GO Project, individuals or communities can contribute to life care and education costs of the orphans on a monthly basis or through long-term support of the pastors.


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