mountains beyond mountains‘Dèyè mòn gen mòn’

‘Mountains beyond mountains’

I always think of this Haitian proverb as we are driving throughout Haiti and moving through the mountains to visit the Pastors and the kids they are caring for in Haiti. It’s hard to miss range after range of beautiful variations of green and brown reaching to the crystal blue sky.

I will fully confess to falling in love with the proverb simply because of how in love I am with the mountains of Haiti. They are beautiful, and when you get to a summit, the view is insanely spectacular. I just want to stare until my depth of vision carries me to the farthest site I can glimpse.

There are a lot of different ways Haitians will use this proverb, and isn’t that the beauty of proverbs? That they can be individualized to the one who is using it?

I just sent a text to two Haitian friends asking them what it meant. One sent back, “Everyone has someone more powerful than her/him.” And the other one said, “There is always something greater and can be used for wealth, strength or any other value. Like ‘You think you have strength? There are mountains beyond mountains.’”

Other things I’ve read and heard are references to when you solve one problem another presents itself to solve, or endless opportunities.

Somewhere in my crazy head, as I look at the beauty of Haiti and bask in the visual feast of the mountains, it has become a reminder to carry vision for beyond what I currently see in front of me. As I continually walk in this journey with God, it is at times a massive leap of faith and other times so perfectly in line with my calling that it makes the difficulty of decision making void. Always listening. Always discerning. But I am constantly putting my hope where Jesus consistently told his disciples to look…God’s Kingdom. The thing is, I do not look to anything that makes earthly sense, but my soul knows it is there and it resonates intensely. It is unexplainable. It is supernatural. It is the absolute core of God.

‘As we look not to the things that are seen, but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.’ [2 Corinthians 4:18]



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