There is one who so intimately, so intentionally and so unconditionally pursued my heart.

There is one who would never take no for an answer, as I often pushed him away, yet his love for me was incredibly pure.

There is one who so willingly wrapped his arms around me that it wiped away insecurity and doubt I had of not deserving his love…of not being enough for him.

There is one who insistently attempts convincing me he has fulfilled every desire I could ever have of being wanted…of being chosen.

There is one who busted through every boundary, every heavily fortified wall I created to protect myself.

He is the one I follow. He is the one I have surrendered every part of myself. He is always faithful. He knows my every fault and every crevice that needs to be healed by his love. He is the one who fully acknowledges I am his asshole first and anyone else second.

There is one who I cannot help but pursue back, because he so faithfully and passionately pursued me who couldn’t help but run away.

I cannot help but be loyal, because his loyalty to me is never ending. I cannot live without his presence. He is life to me. The air I breathe. The balm of my existence.

My One is the refreshing, redeeming caress of undeserving, unconditional love in a world where his creation cries out in anguish for restoration and renewal.

…and he is coming back, this One, this Jesus.

Jezi ap vini.



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