When you are effortlessly floating above the earth in all of its white fluffy cloud cover and pristine blue sky…its hard to imagine the ugliness that lives below.

By all rights and measures I should feel the restorative effects of the post-vacation stupor. But I am finding myself still restless with the status quo.

Don’t get me wrong, vacation was phenomenal. I feel more connected to my friends. I feel more connected to my Savior. I love that I can easily spend time with friends that I only see twice a year, with conversation and honesty flowing like we see each other every week. I feel completely blessed to have had time off, and to be in this place for 4 days.


There is still something that isn’t sitting right while I return back to the place I sleep and back to the desk I sit at during the week.

It’s like being on vacation gives you time to be above your normal life and every thing that is driving you crazy. Pardon the French, but you get to set the shit aside for those precious days of escape.

Then vacation is over, because it can’t last forever. You come back to emails you been able to set aside, and back to juggling a million different things.

Back to ‘normal.’

But the ‘normal’ makes me restless, and honestly anxious, for God to just come on back already and straighten this world out…restore it…

But I need to channel that anxiousness toward productive areas. We get the honor and privilege of working toward that Kingdom. Bringing others God’s story, working for justice, soaking others in the ocean of his grace and living compassionately with confidence of Jesus’ resurrection.

I am restless. But because of what I am restless for, God has restored the part of me that has been lethargic with excuses of busyness. I have been too complacent with where I do his Kingdom work…and God has a ton of work to be done in KC and abroad.

It is incidental how beautiful the clouds are or how perfectly blue the sky is when what lies underneath is waiting for God to restore it to rightness…and I am a disciple of Christ who is committed to working toward it while I wait…impatient, yet restless for good things.


One thought on “restore

  1. Sounds like you are ready! Let’s go! Glad you are back. Can’t wait to hear about how it went and what He is wanting to do. We need to bring out the ‘Restless’ song on the CD you gave me! 🙂

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