Each experience, each emotion, each skill, each choice and the subsequent path that is created and obediently followed…all uniquely assigned individually. In the intersecting of our paths we have collisions that can produce insane God moments.

I think of my own choices and path I’ve obediently followed that created experiences that built on each other to give me a significantly weird skill set. And all the people I never would have met if I have not made those choices. I think of churches I know that have led their community into a deep dive of relationships with friends globally that are busting open perspective and creating pure Kingdom space. I think of students I walked alongside, and many of them getting married and uniting their path with another to create a new unique Kingdom pairing this summer. I think of my Haitian-home family who continue to have moments of chaos in their country, and yet still possess extreme faith and loyalty to work for success in their communities. I think of my Russian friends who are launching into young adulthood and heading to college in a few months, and the future they have because of their hard work, and people caring and believing in them to succeed.

I think of the family that sees no other alternative than to escape the reality of their country, and steer their own family to the uncertainty, trafficking and danger at the Stateside border in order to take the risk for what is considered ‘a better life’…when their own country needs strong leadership and committed citizens to fight for the good of the country. I think of the pastor who is exhausted and isolated in their thoughts, and needs affirmation and safe space to be raw and be restored. I think of the babies held whose future has been stolen by lack of good medical care. I think of friends so tired of status quo and how they should continue fighting for good in this world. I think of the single mom getting a job for the first time and being able to secure her dignity in providing for her family. I think of job changes happening and those that are stepping into a calling that they were not expecting, and yet embracing with joy and excitement of stepping into purpose. I think of the young adult who grew up in an group Home, gained skills and then provided for family that left him in care at a Home through his own job.

I think of ALL the people whose stories have intersected with my own. My passion to advocate for the things of this world that are good, and my stubborn obstinance at fighting the injustices in our world… they are fueled by every story of every person that has ever entered my life.

It is all our paths finding each other and merging to bring radical love, acceptance and genuine community to those that are seeking a place to belong. It is every story woven into the next and being spoken out to others that is making Kingdom unity a reality.


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