Surprise! It’s Ash Wednesday! Just in case you had missed the plethora of people running around with dirty foreheads today. But here’s the thing…today is the start of something you should pay attention to, because you have been sent an engraved invitation to be a part of something that leads to a day of CELEBRATION and VICTORY…but first…forty days of actively working on your relationship with God. Because chances are likely that the relationship is ‘probably’ not where he wants it to be.

It is not about being holy. It is not about perfection. It’s not even about challenging yourself to not drink coke for 40 days.

It is about a real fast and true worship…just consult Isaiah 58 if you need a refresher. It is about the dirt and muck that we allow to be a separation between us the One who rules over the universe. Lent 2020

This year I am going to make an effort to do a blog post a day off of the Rethink Church Lent photo a day. It was many years ago that we did this among a group of my friends, and I desperately need to be writing more.

All relationships take work, are you willing to put in some effort to connect to God on a deeper, more real and raw level? It is time. Meet God and allow yourself to be led into something special. Let’s do this.


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